Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Twin Beds for Kids

Historically, twin beds for kids, and for everyone in history, consisted of a mere mattress, upon which the person slept often very close to the ground. King, queen, full and twin beds for kids and parents consisted of mattresses that were filled with leaves, grasses or straw. Over time, twin bed mattresses became more comfortable. The twin beds for kids mattresses that were made of bags of straw were soon replaced with more sturdy, tighter packed, and thicker packages with fiber filling. 

Today, you’ll find with twin beds, most mattresses have more sophisticated construction. Kid’s mattresses are made with some combination of foam, spring, water, air, cotton and synthetic fillings.With the beds for kids, under the mattress sits the box spring. Otherwise known as a divan, a twin bed for kids needs a box spring that mirrors the size and specifications of the mattress, and is actually a wood framed box. The box spring supports and suspends the mattress with interior springs.The mattress, with a box spring below, is nestled into the bed frame, often made of wood or metal. The bed frame gets the mattress up off the ground, away from rodents and adds a stylish look your kid’s bedroom.

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