Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Futons for Kids

Futons became extremely popular for kids and college students when the design first came to the United States. Ever since, futons for kids continue to be a viable, practical and useful option for your kid’s bedroom. Futons for kids, like day beds, are also smart options for guest bedrooms, playrooms, basements, bonus rooms and more. American futons for kids, originally a Japanese design, are only loosely based on the Japanese original. Western or American futons for kids have several major differences to the Japanese originals.
Some of the differences between Western futons for kids are as follows. Futons for kids are often placed on a configurable frame, such that the futons for kids have dual uses as a bed or a couch. Unlike foreign futons, futons for kids are not intended to be stored in the closet during the day.
Futons for kids have cushions that rest inside a larger wood frame. The cushion of the futons for kids is a lot like mattresses that bend. Like mattresses, the futons for kids cushions are filled with foam or batting. Futons for kids cushions are also really great because futons for kids cushions have removable covers that can be washed. This is especially great for kids because futons for kids are practical for every day kid living, which is another why futon for kids are a great choice for you kid.

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