Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kid Captain Bed

The kid in your life will love sleeping every night in a kid captain bed. The beauty of choosing a captain bed as the center of your kid's' room is that most of the kid captain beds have multiple storage options. Most of the kid captain bed you see available have a built in headboard storage options. The storage in the headboard of the kid captain bed is great for trophies, books and games. Of course, your kid may want to store a radio, alarm clock and telephone in the headboard of his kid captain bed too! The storage options for your kid captain bed are endless, really. Just like the headboard of your kid captain bed, the footboard may not just be a plain panel. The footboard of your kid captain bed may echo the storage options of the headboard. This means that your kid can store books, games, DVDs, CDs and so much more in both the head and footboard of his kid captain bed. Usually, boys prefer a kid captain bed. It's not uncommon for your little girl to desire a sweet feminine girl themed bed, not a kid captain bed. How many kids do you know how love pirate inspired movies? Aptly named kid captain beds, are just beds that are inspired by the adventure of the sea. For this reason, little boys love the fun and exciting styling of a kid captain bed. Whether or not your son loves pirates, deserted islands or the adventure of the sea, there's a great chance he'll love the styling of kid captain bed, just as much as you, the parent will love the multiple storage options a kid captain bed brings with it.

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